Dianthus barbatus, known as Sweet William, is the handsomest flower in any summer garden. It attracts bumblebees, honey bees and butterflies —and placed in the vase, it attracts the gaze of passers-by.

Sweet William’s petals are red, pink, violet, purple or white. There are also modern bicoloured varieties, such as white and red or purple and white. It’s a colourful flower that livens things up in bouquets. 

The name Dianthus is derived from the Greek words “dios” (meaning god) and “anthos” (meaning flower). In fact, Dianthus has been treasured for centuries; they are one of the oldest known cut flowers, prized for their ease of cultivation, long-lasting freshness, fragrance and practical uses. 

Dianthus is typically used to symbolize feelings of love, affection, gratitude and admiration.

These flowers look beautiful on their own in a posy, but really make the sweetest addition to fill out a bouquet.

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