Caroline Fine Flowers was opened in 2008 by Caroline Dickenson, an industry-leading florist with over 30 years of experience in the business. Her destinctive style and bold use of colour is something that still defines the brand today.

In January 2024 the business was taken over by a dynamic new team, who've been working to take the store to a new level, while honouring Caroline's legacy. We've expanded our gifting range, brought bold changes to our store space, and have sourced more flower varieties than before. All to align with our vision of creating abundance.

At Caroline's we believe that giving someone a bouquet of flowers is more than just a token of appreciation, each unique arrangement of different flowers, colours and textures sends a special message. We find value in the Langauge of Flowers, the centuries old symbolism of the different varieties and the meanings they convey.

Our team of experienced florists have a passion for putting together unique floral bouquets, and we can't wait to create arrangements for you that are blooming beautiful.