Collection: Wedgewood Confectionery

A family-run business producing sweet treats, sourcing their key ingredients in South Africa, and producing locally too, what's not to love.

One bite into Wedgewood's gooey, rich nougat and you'll be sold. Made using a carefully-developed family recipe, we love the melt in your mouth, honey taste.

We stock a range of beautifully packaged products to perfectly compliment your bouquet of flowers.


These honey bee boxes have a delightful little gold bee that hovers and clasps the box tight. Hidden inside are two delectable handmade honey nougat bon bons.


Experience Wedgewood's unique Belgian chocolate double-enrobed Macalettes and discover layers of milk Belgian chocolate wrapped around a Wedgewood macadamia.


ift your host or decorate your table with these elegant pastel coloured, handmade honey nougat filled, crackers.