Collection: Stokperd Candles

Stokperd Candles are the latest offering in Monya Eastman's product range. We stock all three of the scents she's created.

The Motreën candle, taking it's name from the Afrikaans word for soft rain or drizzle, has a neroli and lavender fragrance. Neroli, which is extracted from flowers of the bitter orange tree, give you an uplifting mood boost. While the complementary gentle lavender aroma will transport you to the sunbathed  farmlands of  France. Perfect for uplfiting relaxation.

The name of the grapefruit and rose geranium candle is Komorebi, a word with Japanese origins that describes the effect of sunlight filtering through trees. The fresh citrus burst pairs perfectly with the rounded, calming rose geranium. A hug in candle form.

And lastly, already a firm favourite, the Hanyauku candle. Since the word describes the act of walking on tiptoes across warm sand, it's no suprise that it originates in Namibia. A heady mixture of mood boosting bergamot, extracted from rinds of sun ripened citrus fruit and stimulating cinnamon. Orange blossom soothes agitated nerves, stress and mental fatigue. 

These luxury soy candles are made using the finest essential oils and have a burn time of approx. 50 hours. The wax is poured into a reusable amber glass vessel with a black metal lid to preserve the fragrance and protect your candle from dust.